Q: What is taught in a group class or private home course?

A: You will learn prevention, recognition and treatment of common first aid emergencies, as well as, infant and/or child/adult CPR and how to manage choking emergencies. You will receive a packet that is used to discuss topics that include baby proofing, emergency lists, first aid kits and common emergencies (such as asthma, febrile seizures, allergic reactions, and bleeding control). You will also receive an American Heart Association (AHA) CPR workbook. This class is approximately 2 ½ hours.

If I receive a certification card, when do I need to recertify?

A: All AHA Heartsaver® CPR and First Aid certification cards and BLS certification cards are good for 2 years.

When will I receive my certification card?

A: Operating under a Training Center and in compliance with AHA guidelines, your certification card will be emailed no later than 20 business days from the date of the class. If you are taking a non-certifying  class, and  learning the skills of CPR for your family and friends, there will be no certification card issued.

I am expecting and am not sure when I should take your AHA Family and Friends CPR course?

A: It is recommended that you take the course before you have the baby, when you are still able to participate in the class. However; if you end up having the baby before a scheduled class, then take the class soon after delivery so you will  know what to do in the event of an emergency.

Q: I am scheduling a private home class, who should I schedule to take this course?

A: You and your spouse should take the course and anyone that will be taking care of your child (e.g. nanny, grandparent, neighbor, relative and friend). If you have other children, it’s ok for them to be present at the class.

I would like a private home course and I have an 11 month old child, should I schedule an infant only CPR course?

A: The guidelines for teaching CPR is infant (0 – 12 months), child (1 – 8 years old) and adult (8+).  I would recommend and infant/child/adult CPR Family and Friends CPR course, there will be no certification card issued, however you will be proficient in CPR.

I would like to schedule a Child/Adult CPR and Pediatric First Aid class for my teachers at my school. How long is this course? What equipment is needed?

A: This course is approximately 4 hours. If your organization can not provide audio visual equipment then please let us know so we can bring that equipment.